2. When one of my favorite figure skaters and social media intersect, of course I had to go do an online curation.

    I set aside the fan girl hat and put on my  social media documentation hat for this one. Enjoy! 

    And thanks to those who have shared it on their various social media channels. 

  3. cookinginthefruitbowl:


    I know that it’s almost fall and all, but it just doesn’t feel like it. It’s been in the 90s all week long here in Eastern Washington.

    So I can’t quite say goodbye to ice cream just yet.

    This has been the summer of making ice cream and other fun cool treats. While I was in Atlanta, my…

    I made this. :) 

  4. image: Download

    First meal back in Washington: #Beechers Mac and cheese from @beechersseatac. (at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese & Caffe Vita)

    First meal back in Washington: #Beechers Mac and cheese from @beechersseatac. (at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese & Caffe Vita)

  5. Excuse the construction noise….

    I’m playing around a bit here, so things may look a little weird around here. Basically I’m switching this blog as a secondary blog to my personal one. Tumblr doesn’t have an easy way to do that, so I had to delete everything.

    Luckily I can import my old posts here. Unfortuantely, I haven’t figured out a way to bring the comments back…

  6. 01:46 17th Feb 2011

    Notes: 3

    This guy was my favorite VJ from MTV when I was still watching it.

    Glad to see he’s still doing good stuff.

    Plus it’s a total win when you name your Tumblr after a song lyric from such an amazing Wilco song!


    Many thanks, Tumblr Staff! I’m flattered.

    And welcome aboard, new followers! Please do get in on the ground floor at A Drink With Dave, as our preview rollout is just beginning. Also, come on by my exciting literary project, My Year Of Everything, which I am getting back to RIGHT THIS SECOND, I SWEAR.


    Name Dave Holmes
    Location Los Angeles
    First post October 2008

    The nicest guy in Hollywood, Dave Holmes originally gained national attention as a finalist on MTV’s “Wanna Be a VJ” contest in 1998. He didn’t win, but no matter — he was hired by the network to conduct celebrity interviews and host programs like 120 Minutes and Say What? Karaoke for several years. Since then, he’s made appearances on The Andy Dick Show and Reno 911!, among others. These days, he’s a host for the TV Guide Network. He blogs about his passion for music, what it’s like to be a TV host, and his new web series A Drink With Dave.

    Also check out…

    Awesome London-based illustrator/director.

    Beautiful Type
    Dedicated to beautiful typography in all styles.

    Where in the world is Kaitty Bergin?
    See where her feet take her.